It gives me great pleasure to forward my deepest and sincere appreciation to have you as students at Cefups Academy.

I strongly believe that in each and every student there is a potential to succeed. It is with that in mind that we always strive for excellence, with the knowledge that in each and every student there is a hidden potential for success and it is upon us to unveil that dormant potential to its fullest degree.

Cefups Academy has as experienced and take it as an obligation to educate in totality. Over the past years, since our inception, the school has produced one of the best results in the province and nationally (check our records). It is against this back ground to assure you in joining the school of achievers!


Today, we live in a world of uncertainty where unemployment is rampant, it only makes sense to secure a job that no computer can replace yet. By enrolling with us, a college that offers a strong academic foundation will enable you to take charge of your destiny.

Finally, a mission started is a mission ended. It is a fine thing to have ability, but to discover it in others is the true test. Let CEFUPS ACADEMY do it for you. Welcome!

Thanks in anticipation

Yours Faithfully


M.C. Mafokane